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Crazy Legs aka Ross Henson is doing his first feature film and is looking for extra help with finance.


To do this he is giving away a FREE PARTY/EVENT as a prize in the competition over on IndieGoGo as part of the campaign for the film.

In return for this FREE PARTY/EVENT he is asking for a little help towards funding from the Customers/ Families he holds dear to him and has brought soo many memories, laughter and joy to.

The film trailer so far is below but he has plenty to still film and expenses to cover, expecially after some of the promised investments have been slashed in half due to their own personal reasons/situations.

So in the words of Tesco's "Every Little Helps" (please don't tell them I've taken there slogan but it really is the best way to show what is needed. And this way at least you have a chance at getting something in return, an amazing party/event with none other than Crazy Legs himself.

Other perks in return for donations are available on the Indiegogo Campaign page if you wish to see your self in the credits of this film of which is to be released world-wide.

The Lost Drone

Film Trailer (so far):

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